Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beer of the Day

Stack High Gravity Beer.

This one is for you poor faggots out there. I had it tonight. Shit was too sweet tasting for me. It is a 12% Alcohol by Volume. See here in Washington the Liquor is state run which is bullshit. So I just wanted to get fucked up and only had 4 bucks on me. This shit did the trick. With its high alcohol content and $1.39 per 24oz shit did the trick.

A - Clear deep golden colored beer that manages to make a small white head.

A - Smells very fruity from the characteristic scent of beer brewed fast creating a lot of fuses alcohols. Corn smell is there but the fuses mostly dominate the scent.

T - Starts out quite sweet with an alcohol burn and the taste of raw ethanol. That is about it for taste, sweet and alcohol.

M - medium, alcohol doesn't quite dissolve everything.

D - if you can swallow it. Pretty much gives what you would expect, cheap ethanol delivery device wth too sweet of a taste. Not going to finish the glass though.

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  1. I'm lovin' your blog, as usual.