Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beer of the Day

New Castle Brown Ale

Going with a traditional find anywhere beer this has to be my favorite! I love the sweetness of the caramel which is never too sweet. It is all around a good beer to fill up and get drunk on. I prefer tap to bottle but make your own decision.

A- light brown with foam that disappears pretty quick. A little lacing on the side

S- no question there is some malt with this. The buttery commercialized grain is here as well. Really a spunky scent at the end I don't like

T- sweet flavor and mild malt. Almost watery. Although, the malt is present

M- light, light, light. Smooth coating flavor though

D- look, it's a brown ale made for the masses. Smooth flavor allows this to be slammed though

1 comment:

  1. Like I said, only Tecate! search for it please xD