Friday, September 24, 2010

Drink of the Day

Liquid 50/50 or as some people would call it "creamcicle"

In honor of it being friday I decided not to post a beer but instead post one of my favorite "gotcha" drinks.
This drink consists of my favorite Rum and least favorite soda. *NOTE* I rarely drink soda haha. But combined these make an excellent pair. Basically it is real easy to make.
Captain Morgan and Sunkist

Glass size of your choice. I usually use a 16 oz glass.
Fill it 3/4s with ice. Pref cubed.
For this step I suggest buying the 1.75 liter of Captain Morgan Rum as it is tastey and will be gone quick!
Fill glass halfway with Rum.
Fill the rest of the glass with Sunkist orange soda.

And there you have it! The best gotcha drink ever. If you get all old school you'll remember the ice cream with the orange on the outside and vanilla on the inside. Its what it tastes like.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!


  1. mhm nice, ill definitely try this tonight

  2. I love me some sunkist, and yo can't beat Morgan either

  3. I'm gonna try this on my day off thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Wow. I think this might make me vomit. Try mixing Golden Grain and Rockstar Energy drink. Get you tore up, man.

  5. @Helldozer you're wrong man dead wrong. Besides rockstar is nasty

  6. I think it's going to be my drink of choice tonight...

  7. Oh hell to the yes.
    Ever try Parrot Bay Mango Rum with Sunny D?
    Its so fucking amazing you'll shit yourself.

    Cawlin's Twitter!

  8. good times, good fuckin times.